It doesn’t take a lot of detective work to realize everyone’s success is connected. The choices you make as an employer have huge repercussions that affect everything from your ability to meet production, to workers’ quality of life, to a doctor’s ability to keep providing medical services. Ōnin offers radically affordable health, vision, dental, life insurance and more that is custom-built for contingent workers. When you use Ōnin, you help everyone win and everything work. Not convinced? Here are the strings that tie our theory together.

Your retention increases

Our benefits help boost retention rates for our client companies by an average of 14.5%. Workers quickly realize leaving their current job to work for an extra dollar per hour at a competitor’s job simply isn’t worth it if the switch means losing Ōnin benefits. With higher retention rates and a healthy workforce, it’s easier for companies to maintain the production levels needed to get the job done.

Workers enjoy a better quality of life

Life is just better when you can afford to take care of your health, especially when your job requires physical labor. For hourly workers, taking time off of work to drive to a doctor and wasting hours waiting for their consultation is more than an annoyance — it is a financial burden. Not only do hourly workers miss out on a chunk of their salaries by taking time off work, they also can barely afford the medication and services their doctor is offering.

With Ōnin’s unbeatable benefits, Teammates have:
• $5 Prescription Drugs
• $5 Doctor’s Visit Copays
• Free Teledoctor Service
• Free Counseling Services
• Life Insurance Included
• Vision Insurance Included
• Dental Insurance Included
• Vacation and Holiday Pay
• Scholarship Opportunities

As a result, Teammates can both afford and access the medical care they need. With a benefits participation rate of over 70%, it’s no surprise that Teammates use Ōnin benefits to take care of their health needs each and every week.

The healthcare system works for everyone

Doctor’s offices and hospitals need cash flow just like any other business. As of October 2020, almost 50 hospitals had closed or declared bankruptcy in the U.S. When people visit medical providers without insurance, they are left with expensive medical bills they can’t pay. This means medical offices are left without the money needed to pay healthcare workers and keep clinic doors open. When Teammates use Ōnin’s benefits, our insurance policy automatically pays clinics and hospitals for their work without burdening workers with expensive bills. Ōnin’s high benefits participation rate means doctors and nurses get paid, and communities get the health services they need.

In the wake of 2020, our response to worker healthcare needs matters more than ever. Workers also care more about having access to affordable benefits than ever. In fact, we’re seeing a record level of workers signing up for Ōnin benefits in 2021. When we create affordable healthcare for contingent workers, there’s a ripple effect of health and wealth for everyone.