Hiring new employees is a big responsibility for employers who want to do it right. Just as new hires must rise to the challenge of adapting to their new work environment, colleagues, and duties, employers must do their part to set them up for success in their new roles.

A proactive onboarding strategy can help new workers acclimate to their jobs quickly. Taking a few simple steps to welcome new employees can create a positive experience, leading to faster productivity and a desire to remain with the company. In a labor market where job seekers field multiple offers, taking the time to create, implement, and follow through with a consistent onboarding strategy can make all the difference in your recruiting success.

Follow these five steps to welcome your new workers and help them get up to speed faster.

1. Make them comfortable.

To maximize the productivity of new hires, prepare their work area before they arrive. If possible, give the new employees a tour of your location. Introduce them to the people they will be working with and key leaders they’ll interact with. Taking time to prepare for their arrival and make introductions will go a long way toward making them feel like part of the team.

2. Use the buddy system.

Even if you’ve made quick introductions throughout the department, your new hire will need to know who to ask when they have questions. Designating a mentor can speed up the acclimation process by providing one-on-one support to the employee. Assigning a buddy allows the new employee to create an immediate relationship within the team while assuring that at least one team member will be reaching out to the new hire regularly.

Whether they have questions about where to eat lunch, how to perform a task, or where to find a tool, a work buddy will help the new employee gain skill and comfort in their new job — and the more guidance they have, the faster they will integrate into the team.

3. Include them in team-building efforts.

Everyone is different, but your new hire will likely need some encouragement to join company events. Even if your new employee is working independently, they’re still part of the team. Be sure to invite them to join in during breaks and other occasions when the group comes together, even if it’s just for a short period. It’s always better to overcommunicate than under-communicate details about team-building events. Be clear about what is happening, who is attending, and what will be expected of the new hire to help them feel more confident and comfortable. Most of all, make it understood that they are a welcome part of the team! The faster they get to know everyone, the easier it will be to work together.

4. Provide training.

Inspire confidence and build a firm foundation for future success by providing job training. Workers who are taught how to perform their duties safely and efficiently will perform better faster. During the training period, allow workers the opportunity to ask questions and encourage them to give themselves time to acclimate to the physical demands of their new role.

5. Schedule touchpoints for follow-up.

Another way to help new employees become productive faster is to establish clear expectations for progress and a consistent follow-up schedule. Employees will appreciate knowing they have your support and attention longer than their first week or month. Consider setting up regular check-ins until there is nothing to discuss, and the employees are fully-integrated, productive members of your core team.

Taking the time to strategically onboard new workers can result in happier employees and a more productive workplace. Ultimately, relationships are a huge part of building success at work. When employers take the time to thoughtfully help workers build healthy professional relationships and integrate into a team, employees are more likely to feel invested in their work. Acclimating a worker to a new job is ultimately an investment that requires strategy. If you’re struggling to implement an effective welcome for new employees, consider partnering with a staffing company that will handle onboarding and provide support to your temporary employees.


Amanda Usen is a copywriter for Haley Marketing Group. As a multi-published author and voracious reader, she’s spent most of her life immersed in words. She enjoys using her creative writing experience to craft impactful messaging and tell HMG’s clients’ stories.