If you’re like most companies, you have open positions, and you’re using a staffing service to help make sure your team is ready to meet production. Your open job is a great opportunity. Lots of people in your job market want a job like this — if only they knew it existed. The problem is, your open job is never reaching qualified candidates. 

Other staffing agencies post your positions on job boards like Indeed, Career Builder and Zip Recruiter, and pray the right candidate finds your job. But, job boards are crowded with millions of other jobs available on any given day. It turns out, leaving the job search process to chance means your great job opportunity is being buried in a sea of noise. 

Ōnin has a different strategy: Ōtis. 

Ōtis never breaks for lunch, and he’s smart. Ōtis can immediately intuit which candidates are great skills matches for open positions, and he’s always learning. He posts all of your jobs on Ōnin’s internal website and chats with incoming online visitors to pair them with the right opportunity. He does all this and more, in addition to automatically pushing jobs to all the major job boards.

This recruiter isn’t a superhuman grown in a lab — Ōtis is the future of staffing technology brought to you by Ōnin. 

In 2020, The Ōnin Group launched its new software solution powered by AI and machine learning that will allow job candidates to find positions based on their skillset in real-time. Ōtis is a collection of technological accelerators, both purchased and custom-built by our in-house Dev team. 

More than 90% of staffing companies worldwide are limited by their technology suite, but Ōnin has created a technological ecosystem that not only enhances the candidate experience but also allows for limitless innovation. We’ve merged the art of talent acquisition with the science of data into an easy-to-navigate platform. Because Ōtis performs the recruiting heavy lifting, your local Ōnin recruiting team has the time to focus on the human elements of talent acquisition. 

Today’s tumultuous economy means businesses must run more efficiently than ever. You don’t have resources to waste on ineffective recruiting practices and staffing services. At the end of the day, partnering with Ōnin means you have teams that are stronger and more efficient than ever. 

If you’re relying on a staffing agency that is allowing your jobs to get lost in the virtual shuffle — it’s time to switch to Ōnin and break the cycle of perpetual workforce challenges.